What is Guaranteed Gone?

Guaranteed Gone is our commitment to you that we truly stand behind our service.

If we have provided you with an Amalgamated Pest Control Service Warranty for a particular pest or service, and in the unlikely event the pests come back during the Service Warranty Period, we will come back as many times as it takes – until the pests are gone – AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Why is Guaranteed Gone so important?

In pest control, there are no absolutes.

Every house and business is different in both structure and environment.

Even though we do our very best on our initial visit to your premises, pest harbourages and environmental issues may not be evident to the service technician at that time.

The Guaranteed Gone commitment:

  • provides us with the confidence to give you the outcome you need from a pest control service, allowing for the unforeseen and the unknown; and
  • provides you with the confidence that you will not be required to pay for additional services should the need arise.

Guaranteed Gone is our way of promoting trust, confidence and genuine goodwill to our clients, so that we can become your preferred pest management provider.

Our Promise

Amalgamated Pest Control is locally operated. We pride ourselves on looking out for you and your family – as we have for more than 90 years.

Guaranteed Gone is our promise to you that in the unlikely event that the pests come back – so do we.

I personally guarantee it.

Michael Farr
General Manager
Amalgamated Pest Control

Why is Amalgamated Pest Control the ONLY Company to trust with a “Guaranteed Gone” Commitment?

Very few pest control companies will even step up to the challenge of this type of service warranty.  Most pest control companies avoid this commitment by:

  • charging for EVERY site visit when they do come back; or
  • “Say” they will come back – but never show up.

For further information or to book a pest control service, visit amalgamatedpestcontrol.com.au